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Rob and Anne-marie

I went to the Dr. the other day b/c I was having chest pain. I know why. I was stressed to the max having to deal with all of Reagan’s super expensive medication that she was close to running out of. Oh the joys of switching insurance co’s (her insurance co. last year, went under). […]

We have some new visitors to the blog, FB and Instagram pages so I wanted to give a quick update and overview of why we’re doing these auctions and what GA-1 is and how Reagan has been affected. Reagan has Glutaric Acidemia Type 1 (GA-1), a rare genetic disorder that was found on her newborn […]

Since the Dear Humana post, and email to their corporate relations blog post, I was contacted swiftly by Humana. First by customer service, and then by their social care department since I posted to social media. In our minds, Rob and I had decided to stand still (especially after those waves) and allow God to […]

Email address of corporate communications: enason@humana.com // found on this article filed under the tag Bruce Broussard, which is the Humana President.   I posted this blog about our Humana experience in regards to my daughter’s therapy approvals and denials. HumanaHelp on Twitter reached out to me and requested information to help, as did Humana on FB, to which I […]

I know the posts have been intense lately…that’s b/c things are intense. I am hoping that this blog post will be the stick of dynamite needed to blow us out of our mine shaft, which is the term we’ve coined for our really tough season of life. This blog isn’t just about our victories, it’s about […]

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