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I am the glue. I hold this family together. If there’s tension, I wedge myself in between whoever is feeling tense and I stare them down. No one can resist my dark eyes and soft fur. I love to play fetch. If you throw that ball I brought you, settle in for the next three hours. Peanut butter. Done. My favorite memory is seeing Reagan after she was gone for weeks. My parents took me to the hospital and she smiled for the first time since her crisis. I know I have a big job in the family, which reminds me…where’s my ball?

My name is Reagan! I’m a sassy and loving cutie pie, with a smile that lets me get away with things I might not otherwise. I’m working on talking more clearly and learning sign language too. I love the pool, and am getting more adventurous every time I splash in. The beach is my favorite and going to playground with my best friends Kelly and Macy. I take ballet and tap and love doing performances on stage and at home for my parents. I’m really excited about all the things God has restored to me since I had my metabolic crisis at 13 months, even better, I know God’s not done.


Hiii! I’m Anne-Marie, and do most of the writing around here. While my passion for writing is evident, some things you might not know is that my main gig is selling real estate full time. I’m also super competitive, like to throw details straight into the wind (thank you Rob for catching them) and am 100% confident that I’m right most of the time. I wear my heart on my sleeve and believe that vulnerability and transparency are required in order to show strength. I never thought I’d be a special needs mama, I don’t know what I’m doing, and am learning as I go. But our family is on this path; it’s not a detour, it’s the way. It’s the way our family story was supposed to be written all along and I am so glad to share it with you!


Hey there, I’m Rob. Behind this seriously handsome face you’d never know that I absolutely love numbers, Chinese food and digging into the details of strategy and business. Super hero movies and late night snacks are my kryptonite. I’m a big fan of education, whether that be helping to equip families as they navigate the world of insurance, special needs parenting or figuring out how to propel one of our businesses forward. If you stick around long enough you’ll learn that I sometimes write too, and that I’ve got a refined palette for enjoying single malt scotch.


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