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February 19, 2016

Happy birthday, Reagan. Three years ago, we took this photo…it was before we knew anything was wrong with your newborn screening. A few short hours later, we received a call that would change our lives forever

First family photo.


the 20-minute method

Mothers Day Family 2

We worked so hard to never get you sick…


…but one day, you got sick.


And we did everything we could do to protect you.

ER check in for visit 2

We spent eight days in the hospital for your first illness, RSV. And then, after we were discharged, two days later you had a metabolic crisis. Your entire basal ganglia was damaged, and you had three seizures.

Reagan hooked up to an EEG. There are about 50 wires under her cap

Dr.’s said you’d never do anything.

Saturday 2

They were wrong.

Daddy and Reagan on hospital discharge day.

Mommy and Daddy were sad, but we determined in our hearts to do everything we could.

fighting for normal

You showed us you were a fighter…


You worked harder than we could have ever imagined was possible.

Arms up!

Standing with assistance for the first time.

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You taught us new things. You made us get comfortable with our new normal…with a g-tube.

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pool happy smile

You made our hearts live outside our bodies…and made us give our fears to God.


You have taught us more in your three years of life, than we have ever learned in our 35.


How is it, that God has used our little babe to touch the lives of thousands of people? Do you know how special you are, Reagan?


Did you know, God is using you? YOU!! As a witness to His healing power. Did you know…you’re a miracle that continues to perplex Doctors?

Reagan standing with bauer

You took that walker…



And then decided, you didn’t need it.



You have given us an incredible roller coaster ride in the three years you’ve been in our life and taught us more about Jesus, miracles and what life is actually all about.


You’re incredible. Happy birthday babe…we love you so much!!


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