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Rob and Anne-marie

Happy birthday, Reagan. Three years ago, we took this photo…it was before we knew anything was wrong with your newborn screening. A few short hours later, we received a call that would change our lives forever GA-1. We worked so hard to never get you sick… …but one day, you got sick. And we did […]

When our daughter Reagan had a metabolic crisis at 13 months old, a customer in Rob’s agency asked a hard question: “Oh, he has a special needs child? Do we need to take our business somewhere else? Will he be able to help us?” The employee on the phone handled it with such grace and truth, […]

The thing mamma never did tell you is when those days would come or how they would make you feel. Like today. All I know is I left a therapy appt for Reagan and ended up at home in tears. The dishes were piled high, I looked at a massive pile of clean clothes on our […]

I went to the Dr. the other day b/c I was having chest pain. I know why. I was stressed to the max having to deal with all of Reagan’s super expensive medication that she was close to running out of. Oh the joys of switching insurance co’s (her insurance co. last year, went under). […]

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