A Whole New Set of Problems

July 23, 2015

You know how the Bible says not to worry about tomorrow b/c today has its own problems?

Rob and I woke up early today. Thursdays are early days anyway b/c Reagan has therapy first thing in the morning, and today was also early b/c I had to show property first thing. We headed out the door, kissed each other and started our day on opposite ends of town.

A couple hours later, I received a text from Rob to call him immediately. I was in the middle of showing a home and walked downstairs to give him a call. He proceeded to tell me how he was almost in a terrible car accident. A dump truck traveling in the opposite direction came flying across the median into the oncoming lane. He told me he saw a big plume of what looked to be black smoke/dirt come up from the median. He told me Reagan was sleeping in the back, which I found odd since she normally doesn’t sleep at that time. I am sure that she was sleeping so Rob was totally focused on what was ahead of him.

Ten seconds.

If Rob had been ten seconds earlier, he said he would have been hit. Both he and Reagan could have been killed.

Ten seconds.

If he had carried Reagan to the car from the elevator after therapy, instead of taking the extra time to allow her to hold his hands and walk. If she hadn’t fought him getting into the car seat…if he was speeding or rushing home. I believe those seconds saved both of their lives.

I didn’t wake up today and worry about something like that happening. A car accident like that would have brought a whole new set of problems that I hadn’t even thought about. So then why do I worry about what it will be like when Reagan goes to school. I worry about things I can think up and conjure in my head, but what about the scenarios I don’t think of.

And that’s why God tells us not to worry and to trust him. Today had enough wrapped into it, I don’t need to…no, I can’t think about tomorrow and worry.

When I got home from showing property I came running in and threw my arms around Rob and started crying. “What’s wrong!” he said. “You guys almost died, remember!” Rob and Reagan could have been walking streets of gold today and my world here on earth would have been shattered. We are not promised tomorrow.

Rob drove back to the accident and took these photos. I am so thankful that God kept my little family safe today.

IMG_3006 IMG_3007 IMG_3008

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  1. Thelma

    July 23rd, 2015 at 5:31 pm

    I pray every morning to Jesus to protect my family and keep them close to His heart. Many of friends as well.

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