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Rob and Anne-marie

This past Sunday we went to church which was a pretty deal because we haven’t been in over a year and a half. Let that sink in. Eighteen months, no church with community. That’s 547 days and a lot of Sunday’s longing for a place our entire family could go. When Reagan had her crisis, we […]

You know how the Bible says not to worry about tomorrow b/c today has its own problems? Rob and I woke up early today. Thursdays are early days anyway b/c Reagan has therapy first thing in the morning, and today was also early b/c I had to show property first thing. We headed out the door, […]

Today I am super excited to have my FIRST ever guest blogger!! In light of the story you are about to read, the writer has requested to remain anonymous. But what they have to say is so important that I pray you read it, and consider how the world reacts to the writer and the […]

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