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Rob and Anne-marie

Email address of corporate communications: enason@humana.com // found on this article filed under the tag Bruce Broussard, which is the Humana President.   I posted this blog about our Humana experience in regards to my daughter’s therapy approvals and denials. HumanaHelp on Twitter reached out to me and requested information to help, as did Humana on FB, to which I […]

I know the posts have been intense lately…that’s b/c things are intense. I am hoping that this blog post will be the stick of dynamite needed to blow us out of our mine shaft, which is the term we’ve coined for our really tough season of life. This blog isn’t just about our victories, it’s about […]

I didn’t have a very good day the other day actually, the three weeks leading up to last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were rough. Wednesday: formula catastrophe at almost midnight Thursday: notification our therapies were being denied by insurance at Reagan’s appointment (vomit) Friday: absolute denial from insurance for any more therapies for Reagan for the remainder […]

It’s 11:00 p.m. I open the door to Reagan’s dark room and step on the wood floors, hoping they don’t creak too loud. Rob walks in behind me, IV pole in hand…four little paws tap behind Rob. Reagan’s room is dark. The ocean sound machine is on, and her lullaby playlist, that we’ve played for her since […]

Hear the cries of my heart, O Lord my God; listen to my prayer. Each morning and evening I put on the whole armor of God so  can stand against the wiles of the devil, but my spirit grows weary. Strengthen me; Equip me; Give me the endurance I desperately need during these times according to your […]

Lord, I have no words for where you’ve placed us. It is not a valley, it is a mine shaft. Few have been this low. Why do you place us here? You are the potter, why are you breaking me? Where is the beautiful pot or vase of my life? What are you shaping me […]

Dear Panera located at Mitchell Hammock, Can you please get my order right? Ever since you opened I’ve wanted to love you so much. You’ve treated me really crappy…but I keep coming back. You’re like a terrible ex-boyfriend that I can’t shake. All your other locations have been so good to me. They’ve been consistent, […]

This is a picture of a typical dose of medication morning and night for Reagan. I am so tired. But more than that…I’m weary. And I know, that this is just going to be a weary season. It will probably last a really long time, too. Rob and I listened to a sermon on Sunday […]

I was challenged to write a Psalm for Reagan to help process, heal, etc. Rob and I will be writing Psalms as we journey through this phase of life and sharing them here. This is my first Psalm. The rain has come, it’s the worst storm of life, and you have brought our worst fears […]

I have the best girlfriends in the entire world. They are always checking in on me, always asking to get together with our kids…always trying to make sure I know that Reagan is loved and included…always, always, always loving my family. And Reagan LOVES to see new people, especially ones that are her size that she can […]

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