March 12, 2014

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Reagan received a pretty sweet wooden xylophone toy for Christmas that her Auntie Melissa brought back from her trip to Germany last year. It’s taken a while to teach Reagan not to put the wooden drum stick in her mouth…she still does it, but today…TODAY she used it to play the xylophone. And as clear as day she looked up and said,

“I DID IT!!”

We all clapped and said “YAY!!!” while Rob, me and my mom all had our jaws to the floor.

Did our daughter just say a complete sentence? Does she understand that when we say things like “You did it!” that if she were to say that, it would be “I did it!”? And, seriously, did she really just say a sentence b/c she did something and understood how to communicate that?

I have no idea, but we are celebrating nonetheless. I am so looking forward to talking with her one day!! Hopefully soon.

View More: http://dearlyphoto.pass.us/reaganturnsone

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