True safety

March 6, 2015

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“The Lord is King for ever and ever; the nations will perish from his land. You hear, O Lord, the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them and you listen to their cry,”-Psalm 10:16-17

“The cumulative effect of days upon years that we do not really understand is a subtle erosion. We come to doubt our place, we come to question God’s intentions toward us, and we lose track of the most important things in life. We’re not fully convinced that God’s offer to us is life. We have forgotten that the heart is central. And we have no idea that we were born into a world at war.” -John Eldridge, Waking the Dead

I think the greatest tactic the enemy has mastered is to make you believe things are “going just right” for a long time. The longer things seem to go our way, we slowly forget to rely on God and his strength. We forget to seek Him in prayer, we forget to read His words to us, we forget that we have an enemy. Our grip on our lifeline slowly loosens over time, until one day the enemy strikes. The rug is pulled out from under us; the trap door is sprung. And we begin to fall, desperately trying to grab onto anything that can stop our fall, only to find the things we surrounded ourselves with, things we built, begin to crumble when we grab hold. There’s only one line that can save us and stop our fall, but after years of not using it we forget about it. We don’t believe there is any strength in it because the things we built and found strength in for so long are crumbling–so how could this small forgotten rope do anything?

But it can.

It can because it is our safety line from God. It is the only true source of strength and is the only thing that we can grab hold of to stop our fall. But the belief in that truth has been slowly eroded away, just like water can cut through solid granite and glaciers can carve entire mountain ranges–it only needs time. And as time can slowly erode the strongest foundations built by man, time can also build the strongest faith and belief as long as we fully trust in Him–Jesus. The climb might be more difficult, and there may not be any breaks or rest, but it is the only path that will take us to the top. It may not seem safe either, but when you are born into a world at war, no path is safe and the journey isn’t meant to be, but God is good and wants all of us to reach the top where he dwells, for that is the only place of true safety.


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