All aboard the therapy train (choo choo)

In case you were wondering while reading my last post why we are gunning for 10 therapy appts. a week…it’s b/c our insurance co. approved 75 therapies PER discipline between now and Sept. 20, 2014!  And I just confirmed with the rehab place that they’ve spoken to our insurance company and that we are good to go. So we are going gangbusters for our daughter. We’ll say yes to any possible time slot (like 7:30 a.m., which is practically impossible if you know us, but we will make it possible).

Thank you guys so much for your prayers for this to come through, they have definitely worked.  I know the next four months will be intense…this is an intense season and we pray that it pays off for Reagan. We also pray that after September 20 our insurance co. continues to approve the needed therapy for Reagan. Hopefully in four months, Reagan will have made a lot of progress. I’m praying for crawling and walking and talking and eating…more of everything.


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