fill my storehouse

Hear the cries of my heart, O Lord my God; listen to my prayer.

Each morning and evening I put on the whole armor of God so  can stand against the wiles of the devil, but my spirit grows weary.
Strengthen me; Equip me;
Give me the endurance I desperately need during these times according to your never-ending love.

My storehouses of hope and joy are nearly empty.
Multiply what is left, let them overflow.
Have mercy on me; Have mercy on my wife;
Have mercy on my daughter according to your never-ending love.

From your mighty words this earth was created and all that dwells in it.
You command all; you are ruler over all, there is no equal.
Silence the enemy and destroy his work.

Restore us!
Make your face shine upon us!
Save us!

Psalm of a Miner

Lord, I have no words for where you’ve placed us.
It is not a valley, it is a mine shaft.
Few have been this low.
Why do you place us here?

You are the potter, why are you breaking me?
Where is the beautiful pot or vase of my life?
What are you shaping me into? Pieces?
I curse the trials you have placed before me.

Trust you? Trust you? Show me how.

Your grace abounds? Show me where.

You love your children? Prove it.

You have placed us in the depths,
I see no way out.
I look to you to show us the way.
Where are you? Come quick!

A Psalm for Reagan

I was challenged to write a Psalm for Reagan to help process, heal, etc. Rob and I will be writing Psalms as we journey through this phase of life and sharing them here. This is my first Psalm.

The rain has come, it’s the worst storm of life, and you have brought our worst fears to our face. How many years have we prayed and waited, only to have been given a storm that we cannot see through. The clouds lift, a light shines in, another cloud darkens the light.

Where we should find safe refuge, we find foes hiding and waiting to destroy us with harsh words. Where we should find peace, we find a war, where we should find joy, we find hardship. Remove our enemies and give them no shelter in our landscape.

Please God, save us from our nightmares. Heal us of our pain, bring unimaginable joy to our lives and hearts.

When you show up our burdens lighten. When you appear, clouds lift. When you speak, mountains move. Remove our mountain, make our road clear, beautiful and bright. Full of optimism and future.

Jehovah rapha, come and dwell in our home. Heal the broken. Why am I not receiving if I am asking? I am asking! Heal our daughter, make her brand new, make her strong, let her fly high, like on eagles wings. Be our great physician and heal ALL our wounds. Let the tip of your finger just glide across our daughters wispy hair and bring her back to full and abundant life. Keep her well, keep her healed, protect her under your wings.

Be near to us, oh God. Let our hope and trust be in you. For in you is all knowledge, power, might, healing and love. And we pray these things upon our lives and upon our daughter. Amen.