October 30, 2015

This is what community looks like. Our group of five families said lets have dinner together. Let’s pack our meals, grab a little take out, carry a blanket and set up on this lawn. Let’s talk, even if in broken conversation as we ask our kids to eat, sit still, chew or swallow. Let’s watch our kids trip over adults and sit in someone else’s lap, and hug their little friends. Let’s look in awe and wonder as our kids roar like dinosaurs, take their first steps, interact with each other and try to use their words to talk like we do. Let’s watch them try to be a friend. Let’s show our kids friendship, community and acceptance. Let’s foster love.

That’s easier said than done. It takes time and devotion to make a friend and to have the opportunity to be a friend. Deep and long lasting friendships don’t happen overnight. They happen with time and shouldering next to one another through life.

Some in this group I’ve known for 14 years, some for four. I’ve learned it’s important to welcome new friendships while fostering old ones. Make room for people…your heart is big enough to love many people.

No one should have to do life alone. If you notice someone needing a friend, take it upon yourself to be a friend. Take the time to offer yourself, your heart, your smile, your presence in a conversation. For when you do, a community within your own life can bloom.

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  1. Ashley

    October 30th, 2015 at 2:47 pm

    Four year friends, what what!!!

  2. Anne-Marie

    October 30th, 2015 at 3:02 pm

    Haha!! Love you!

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