Never Fully Dressed without a Smile

June 2, 2013

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Annie was one of my all time favorite movies growing up. I watched it over and over…I think that’s why the tune has such a special place in my heart.

Who cares what they’re wearing on Main Street of Saville Row
It’s what you wear from ear to ear
And not from head to toe.
That Maaaahaaaahaaaattters!!!!

Speaking of what you’re wearing…You know those kids who dress themselves…and their parents let them go out in public with that jazz?

Meet E, daughter of Dan and Rebekah.

Where could I get leggings like this? But seriously...

Where could I get leggings like this? But seriously…

Do you ever think, “how did THAT happen?”

This outfit is a perfect 10!!

This outfit is a perfect 10!!

I actually LOVE…let me repeat LOVE it when THAT happens.

Wanna know why?

B/c I still do it.

So this morning I greeted Rob in the kitchen with this outfit to take Bauer out…our conversation went something like this.

Just dressing myself like a big girl this morning.

Just dressing myself like a big girl this morning.

Rob: You look crazy, Anne-Marie! CRAZY!

Me: So what?

[what I’m actually thinking]


Rob: Why do you wear boots to take Bauer out, it’s like 85 degrees outside?

Me: I don’t want to walk in the grass and get my feet wet.

Rob: And your hair…



The thing with kids, is they have no concept of other people’s opinions yet.

More evidence...

More evidence…

If we could learn to be more like E, and be unapologetically our good natured selves, the smiles we’d put on other people’s faces would grow exponentially. I don’t know where the confidence in my insane morning outfit comes from, I’m not worried that my neighbors will see me, most of them already have since this is the standard Bauer walking outfit once I’m in my PJs.  And it never fails, Rob shakes his head and has a hearty laugh…he knows I’m just being myself and I’m not apologizing for it.

So, I’m off to go show some property in my nice, bright, Navajo inspired outfit.

Did you know I'm part Native American?

Did you know I’m part Native American?

As Rob so kindly put it: “I like your shorts. If you were in the woods with those shorts on, you wouldn’t get shot, b/c people would be able to see you.”  Either way, I’m fully dressed…I’ve got my smile 🙂

Thank you to Rebekah for sharing these priceless photos of E and giving me permission to share her awesomeness on this blog…here are a few more.

Evelyn 3

We love your style E!

Evelyn 4 Evelyn 6



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  1. Sheri

    June 3rd, 2013 at 1:50 am

    You are hilarious! I think you should wear this outfit the next time you come to the office.

  2. Adrianna

    June 20th, 2013 at 2:42 am

    Literally this just made me LOL in the hospital waiting room — you are such an inspiration Anne-Marie. Tomorrow, I’m going to wear all black because I LIKE WEARING ALL BLACK — and I’m not going to apologize for it. 🙂


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