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Rob and Anne-marie

In case you were wondering while reading my last post why we are gunning for 10 therapy appts. a week…it’s b/c our insurance co. approved 75 therapies PER discipline between now and Sept. 20, 2014!  And I just confirmed with the rehab place that they’ve spoken to our insurance company and that we are good to […]

There’s a picture on our fridge of me at age five with my new kitten, Frisky. I look at that photo pretty often, as it’s on the fridge, and I can’t help but think, “My parents were lucky that I was healthy. ALL parents who have healthy kids, that do normal things…they are so lucky, […]

I had heard this song before everything happened…it’s got more depth and meaning to me now. I’d recommend playing it while reading the post. I know Jesus walked on water, and I don’t want to minimize that, but he’s God…he can do that. However Peter, he’s like me…and he walked on the water too. Matthew 14:22-33 Meanwhile, […]

I seriously love my daughter. She’s a total rockstar. She is rocking therapy, trying to sit up more and more, rolling over, sleeping on her stomach, playing while on her belly like it’s no big deal and she’s eating food (not a ton, but a few tablespoons for breakfast, lunch and dinner). Unconditional love. I learn […]

Yesterday was one month since Reagan had her metabolic crisis. One month.   And it’s been two weeks since we’ve been doing this on our own. Seems like a lifetime. I can’t believe how long those two weeks have felt.  The farther we get away from April 8, 2014, the further and further we get away from […]

It is really hard to look at “before” photos of Reagan. She was holding her head up when we held her at the three-month photos. She was sitting up on her own at her seven-month pictures. She was walking with assistance at 11 months. And now it seems like we are so far away from […]

When we were in the hospital trying to wrap our minds around our new circumstances, my mom said something to me that I’ll never forget. You bloom where you’re planted, Anne-Marie. Wow. Thanks for the knowledge, Mom.

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